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The Power of the Thumb

Stuart Smith

The Power of the thumb

The Power of the Thumb

So, in these far from old normal crazy times, sat on your chair, in your kitchen, work isn’t so entertaining anymore you’re not spending time in your car watching the same faces travelling in the same directions at the same time everyday…… What do you do??  Before you know it you’re opening your phone up, “I’ll just see what Sarah’s doing, ahhh what’s Dave sharing now?…..”   a huge world of anxiety awaits just from sliding you thumb across some glass…. Just think now, scrolling through the pages of social media, stopping on this story, stopping on that story, seeing what your friends are saying about this and about that, sharing those facts and then some other facts.  All of this is unconsciously fixing your attention where you actually don’t need it.

Yet, we are inquisitive creatures at the best of times, and that’s okay.  So of course you are going to look at it, it’s there, no effort needed, someone has done the research for you. How cool is that??   Having worlds of information at the tips of our thumb it’s amazing isn’t it?

You’d think so wouldn’t you?

This is where your unconscious does that thing, you know?  That thing it does that you don’t know about until…… it’s in your awareness.

It will search for what you’re worrying about without you consciously knowing, it wants to look after us, that’s one of the unconscious minds Prime concerns.  It‘s an expert at keeping us going in the back ground, looking for the times in that past where its needed to warn us of danger or look after us.  Imagine having a huge filing cabinet in your mind and every time your unconscious see’s something, it sends off this excitable Labrador to go and find a time in the past where the unconscious has protected us.  And once it recognises a time, it cements those learnings more and more.  Then we become more aware of these happenings… it’s like the moment you decide to change your car, all of a sudden you see loads of the car you’re looking for.

Before you know it, you have started to notice that you’re stressing over things that don’t usually bother you, the washing, Sarah’s posts that never bothered you….. then you notice more and more the things that you don’t like…. then you notice more negative media … then you struggle to sleep… then you struggle to maintain your temper… then you struggle with work… then you go to the doctors…. then you’re off work… your happiness goes…. Friends notice….

Recognise this??

So imagine now for a second, your thumb slides across that glass screen, scrolling through all the media, the apps.  Except now you’re actively scrolling past the negative stories, Sarah’s negative posts no longer get those few seconds of your unconscious time.  You start actively looking for the good news….the positive comments…. then you start not worrying about the normal stuff…. then you don’t struggle to control your anger…. then you don’t struggle to sleep…. then you don’t go to the doctors….. then you don’t struggle with work…. then your days seems okay…. Then you feel happier and people notice your smile.

Just imagine that….

…The power of the thumb


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