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Are you a Master Builder?


Are you a Master Builder?

I absolutely love Freddy Mercury! The guy is a musical legend (in my world!); within just a first few bars of any Queen song and I’ve either got goose-bumps or I’ve personified Freddy himself, attempting my finest falsetto while struggling to actually vacuum the lounge carpet….

A relatively unknown Queen song came up on my playlist today from The Works album, you may know it, it’s called ‘Is this the World We Created…?’. It got me thinking about some wise words I once read…



Mohammed created a world. Freud created a world. Tolkien created a world. McKinsey created a world. Bill Gates created a world. Can I too create a world?

The German company Tchibo uses the advertising slogan “Every week a new world”. New worlds are indeed created every week. Most of them are not very original; they swim in the wake of the established worlds and do not gain any traction.

What kind of world have you created? A philosophical world? A spiritual world? A commercial world? A mathematical world? An aesthetic world? A material world (I said world, not girl… before you start power grabbing too 😉), a communicative world? A fun world…?

You might think to yourself “But I haven’t created any world at all!”. I don’t believe that for a second. As soon as you look at something – anything – and inadvertently think of something new, you start to create a world.



It’s very natural to create, but sometimes we develop filters; we only ever see the same materials, and almost overlook the beautiful, diverse selection of resources that are really there.  When we begin to realise that those filters aren’t fixed, that you can choose to replace them, your world becomes a playground of creative wonder; and the materials… anything & everything! There really is nothing you can’t create!

What filters have you developed? What materials are you choosing to build your world with? Do you know? Have you ever stopped to think about it? 

NLP offers us an incredible opportunity to bring our unconscious filters into our awareness. To identify the patterns of thinking we’ve chosen to adopt over years of life experience, emotions and challenges, that have helped us move forward. And that’s just it, we’re constantly moving forward, and those filters that helped serve us back then may just be the filters that are blocking our view of a new, exciting and fulfilled world that we don’t realise is available to us.

Changing your filters: Things you can do now:

  1. Be aware. Possibly one of the most powerful things you can do in the first instance; plus, it’s free! Start to become aware of the thought patterns you have; the cognitive biases that kick in when something unwanted occurs, or when you find yourself saying ‘this always happens…’.
  2. Start to notice the language you use. The words we choose to use can be a great insight into the filters we’re wearing. Faulty language patterns such as ‘always’ and ‘never’, are reinforcing the unconscious programming that the ‘art of the possible’ isn’t possible, and yet without this, how can we create a new world…?
  3. Find your Inner Scholar.  Help your unconscious mind prune away unwanted pathways by looking for the balance in your programming. Now you’ve identified your own faulty language patterns take time to reset the balance and find the evidence to support the opposite! You’ll soon notice that ‘always’ may change to ‘often’, and ‘never’ becomes ‘occasionally’; this may not seem like much to you consciously, but with just a few linguistic changes you’re showing the unconscious mind that ‘often’ isn’t ‘always’… which means you’ve just opened up the ‘art of the possible…’.

Awareness, Language and Challenge are powerful agents to change your filters.  Remember, you can create the world you want; anything is possible with the right filters.


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