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Beyond Belief

Amanda Bell

Beyond belief

Beyond Belief

Reinventing ourselves anew seems to be the latest ‘way to go’ for many people lately. For some this might be a well overdue process having had time to really self-analyse and rethink their lives. For others it could seem like an impossible expectation of the times. Firstly I’d like to say that there is no right or wrong way to think about this, your opinion doesn’t have to match with another, whilst it’s true that we can only truly experience ‘the new’ by stepping out of ‘the old’ if like me you have spent a lot of time in reflection and contemplation during recent months you may have been compelled to question your systems of belief, and whether they might be outdated?

We often don’t take time to think this deeply as we hurry through our days from one to the next, regularly dismissing those fleeting thoughts as ‘far too complex to start mulling over events of our life and how they have influenced our formation of beliefs’ let alone why we have this never ending feeling of searching? As we stare out at the night stars and moon are we searching for inspiration? answers? does it ever occur to us that this was probably the very first forms of meditation.

As we ponder our very existence do we not feel somehow restored by the gaze into the vast but familiar scene, about which we hardly know anything at all really, do we feel like a small dot of insignificance? Or do we feel to be a part of all the other people and animals that gaze and have gazed at what seemingly appears to be the same view since time began…everything in the universe above just going about its heavenly business as though it knows exactly what to do and where to go, drawing our never resting tides and turning our ever moving planet, is it not right then to feel ourselves to be as tiny cogs of purpose in the movement of our world?

Like the movement of a watch, and as we look ever further outward is this not the time we start to look inward and realise that we are so much more than that cog, in fact we have a whole universe going on inside each of us and we are not only it’s vessel but it’s very existence and controls! Can there be need to reinvent such a magnificent piece of kit such as ourselves? Repair, restore, patch up, reverse damage maybe, refurbish the outside and alter the shape even, but where is the reinvention? Only in your own perception of you that’s where. Are you living your own perception of you? Or somebody else’s? Is your own universe swept on the tide of other people’s perceptions, are they even anyone else’s perceptions? Or are they your own fears perhaps? of how ‘you could’ be perceived by another. Then how would we know what to reinvent ourselves into? I’m guessing that we could never suit everyone! therefore perfection doesn’t exist, Only liking who you are yourself is of any use, and finding ‘the parts’ that we like in others. Moulding ourselves to the way others want to perceive us is only ever going to be an injustice to our own true self. And whilst flexibility and kindness will help others to know us, maybe even like parts of us we must, you must – ‘Know Thyself’


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